Below are some common questions related to the Master Association (MA). Please let us know if there is anything you think should be added.

Common Areas & Amenities
  • What is the code to get into the tennis court?
    It changes regularly, so the latest code can be found from the Tennis Court Code link on the homepage. Note that these codes are for exclusive use by Association Members, their families and guests (authorized users of common areas and facilities).  These codes are NOT to be published, distributed, or otherwise shared beyond authorized users. 
  • Can I use the lakes? How to I access the lakes?
    Yes! The lakes are for the exclusive use of MA members and their safe use is encouraged. There are two boat launch/storage areas as shown on the map on the homepage. Please note that to store a watercraft or any other equipment, you must register it with the MA. Instructions are under the Documents section of the website.
  • Can I store a paddle board or kayak at the lakes?
    Yes, but only seasonally. Please refer to the Watercraft Policy located in the Documents section of the website for more information and to register your watercraft.
  • Can the public use the common areas in Silver Springs?
    No, the common areas (parks, lakes, tennis courts, etc.) are private and for the exclusive use of MA members and their families/guests.
  • How do I reserve the big lake park pavilion for my small party?
    Please contact the Manager through the homepage Contact Us link. Reservations are first come first serve. You’ll need to provide your own trash cans and trash removal service as the bins at the park are too small for most groups/parties.

General Association Questions
  • So I belong to both a Homeowners Association (HOA) and a Master Association (MA)?
    With few exceptions within the Silver Springs neighborhood the answer is yes. You belong to both an HOA with its own CC&R’s, Bylaws and other governing documents which cover things like property appearance, architectural guidelines, common infrastructure, etc. The MA as stated above does not have any involvement in an individual owner’s property issues, rather is charged with management and maintenance of common areas that it holds title to in the neighborhood such as parks and lakes including collecting dues to carry out such tasks.
  • What is the Master Association (MA) anyway?
    During the original development of the Silver Springs neighborhood in the late 70’s and early 80’s, a Silver Springs Master Homeowner’s Association was set up for the purpose of “representing all property owners within the Subdivision with respect to maintenance, improvement and administration of Subdivision common areas” and to “manage those common recreational areas for the benefit of its members”.
  • I want to paint my house, put up a fence, or otherwise modify my house or property. Where can I find guidance on what is allowed or restricted?
    As stated above, your individual HOA (not the MA) should be contacted for those individual property issues.
  • How do I know what HOA I’m part of?
    See this map on the main page of this website and locate your address. Each HOA is color-coded and clicking on your property will indicate what HOA you’re part of.
  • How to I contact my HOA?
    Go to the Board Members page of this website and locate your HOA. Your HOA representative and/or manager and their contact information is listed.
  • I’m selling my house and my lender needs Bylaws, Budget, special assessment information, etc. Who do I get this information from?
    Since the MA is not involved in individual property matters including sale of property, you should contact your HOA (see above) for this information.
  • How is the MA structured?
    There are 12 individual HOAs with varying numbers of households and home type (single family vs. townhome). Each HOA has one representative on the MA Board of Trustees. See this graphic for the model of MA structure including number of households in each HOA.
  • Where can I find documents such as minutes, budgets, reserve study, etc. for the MA?
    See the Documents link on the home page. Note you must register if you haven’t already to ensure only MA members are accessing this information.
  • How is common area (MA property) maintenance paid for?
    For ease of bookkeeping, and simplicity for the member (you), the MA invoices your HOA directly each year as part of an annual assessment to cover maintenance of common areas and amenities. Your HOA then may combine that amount with its own assessment so each member (you) only deals with one bill. The HOA then forwards the MA share back to the MA.
  • Does every Member pay the same yearly MA assessment amount?
  • I have a suggestion, question, issue or otherwise need to contact the Association.
    Please use the Contact Us function on the homepage.
  • I’ve seen other websites that contain information about the neighborhood. Are they legit?
    This is the only official Master Association website which is paid for with Association funds, maintained by the Association and vetted by the Association. Any other website claiming to represent the association is doing so fraudulently and information contained therein should be considered dubious.
  • Why does this website require me to register?
    This website is funded by you, the MA member and contains sensitive information such as other members’ contact information, gate codes, budgets and other non-public data. Simple registration is a way to ensure only members have access to this information.
  • If I move out of the neighborhood, should I “unregister” from the website?
    Yes, since you no longer are a MA Member. Please use the Contact Us link on the home page to let us know if you have moved away from the neighborhood.
  • How do I get involved in the MA?
    The MA relies on volunteers, so we’re excited you want to get involved and help keep your neighborhood the best it can be! Reach out to your HOA representative and/or attend a regular meeting. The dates, times, locations of meetings can be found on the home page.
  • The previous owner of my lot, myself or my neighbor appears to be landscaping, building something or otherwise encroaching onto MA property. What should I do?
    Please notify the MA via the homepage Contact Us link.
    Per this notice, “If improvements have been made by private lot owners or non-owning residents that extend onto or exist wholly upon Association property without proof of Association approval, or that of the entity owning such property prior to the Association gaining title, the Association reserves the right to remove or compel removal of such unapproved improvements at any time.”
    And specifically for those owners adjacent to the MA-owned Private Easement shoreline property around the lakes (see map on home page), they may not construct any deck, patio, fence, dock, access ramp, walk-way, or structure of any kind or nature, temporary or otherwise, on or upon the shoreline property, nor they may not plant any shrubbery, trees, flowers, plants, or landscaping of any kind, or nature on or upon the shoreline property.
  • I want to build a dock or improve the land adjacent to the lake shore behind my house.
    Most of the shoreline of both lakes is subject to an easement over MA property, specifically for private enjoyment by the adjacent lot owner within the limits set forth in the easement (see question above). For the safety of lake users, docks are not allowed on either lake.

Streets & Maintenance
  • A streetlight or street name sign (or pole) is broken. Who do I contact?
    Street lights and street name signs/poles (not traffic signs) are maintained by the association. Please use the Report Issue function on the homepage to report the issue. Traffic signs (stop, speed limit, etc.) are under county jurisdiction.
  • I’m concerned about street condition, traffic issues or traffic signage in the neighborhood.
    With few exceptions where townhouse/condo HOAs own their own private streets, most of the streets in the neighborhood are maintained by Summit County. The County Public Works Department should be contacted for help with these issues.
  • I want to find out property boundary and/or lot owner information within the neighborhood (or county).
    Summit County maintains a map interface website where it is easy to click on properties within the county to explore boundaries and ownership. You can find it here: Parcel Viewer.